EGO Power+ Technology

In almost three decades, we've registered dozens of patented innovations and have a number of world firsts to our name. Today, we’re one of the world’s biggest cordless outdoor power tool manufacturers, producing over 10 million units each year, and selling in 65 countries worldwide. 


Let's start talking about our petrol beating performance. The EGO Power+ 56V Arc Lithium™ battery has an innovative design to maximise battery cooling. It's cleaner, quieter and safer for the environment and - with no emissions and less vibration - safer for you too. All our 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries are interchangeable across the entire EGO cordless range - there’s a battery for every tool and every job. As the batteries go up in size, so does the power capacity and run time.

  • Cleaner
    No need to purchase or store highly flammable fuel, instead, you can enjoy the freedom to work emission-free. Battery-powered garden tools are the future. When you try this revolutionary cordless system, you’ll never look back.
  • Quieter
    EGO Power+ tools always operate at lower noise and vibration levels than traditional petrol-powered tools. Each engineered for optimal performance, they deliver more usable power than any other hand-held battery and are optimised for fast charging too
  • Safer
    Our unique, industry-leading ARC Lithium™ technology drives all our cordless outdoor garden tools. No more dangerous fuel in storage, no more fumes, and more space available for other things.


We understand that run-time is important, which is why we invested in building products that had the technology to support this. Not only do our tools run efficiently with brushless motors, we also made sure the charging time for our batteries was kept to a minimum. It takes just 30 minutes with our rapid charger for our 2.5Ah battery to fully recharge. The overall benefits of switching to battery are overwhelming and all without the fear of sacrificing performance. 

Zero emissions
during use

Our Arc Lithium battery gives petrol-matching power but without the fuss and fumes

Less noise and
less vibration

EGO Power+ tools often operate at lower noise and vibration levels than traditional petrol-powered tools

The power to
outperform petrol
Easy set up
and starting

No filling up with fuel; with EGO Power+ just click in the battery and get to work

Lower running

The cost of running an EGO Power+ product for a month is around the same as using a 2 stroke product for a dayˆ

Save time

No more trips to the petrol station. No time-consuming servicing and maintenance to slow you down

No petrol
to store

Instead, EGO’s rapid charger refuels batteries in as little as 25 minutes – less than the run time you get from a full charge

Fold flat, easy
store design

Unlike large heavy petrol mowers, the EGO Power+ mower’s fold flat design makes storage and cleaning simple