EGO Power+ Blowers

Powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor, the EGO Power+ blowers feature jet turbine technology and large diamater tube to give maximum airflow.

Our range of cordless leaf blowers

With an emphasis on control, our range of cordless leaf blowers are loaded with features that help you tackle all areas, from the delicate, to the tricky and the wet. And powered by a battery that delivers the highest energy capacity of any handheld on the market, it’s more than enough to clear up even the biggest windfall. Certain blower models are available in a money-saving kit with battery and charger.


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EGO Power+ Extended Warranty

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.

EGO Power+ Blower

Blows petrol powered blowers out of the water. Powered by a high efficiency brushless motor and featuring jet turbine technology with a large diameter tube for maximum airflow.

  • Blew me away

    Literally blew me away, the force this blower generates is mind blowing. Great piece of kit for any gardener and wouldn't be without mine!

    D Judges
  • Awesome product

    Really powerful. Boost function is great and even moves wet leaves

  • LB5800E Blower

    Powerful and quiet compared to a petrol blower. Super impressed by its performance.

  • Incredible powerful blower

    Old petrol blower gave up the ghost and was talked into the benefits of a Ego Power machine. Should have changed earlier. Absolutely delighted !!!

  • Easy to use and not too noisy

    I've added this to my other EGO appliances (lawn mower + hedge cutter) and am very pleased with it. Easy to operate, not too heavy and not too noisy. I very much like using these environmentally friendly tools.

  • More powerful than a major rival I also own

    Unbelievably powerful blower, the boost function is great for battery management. I’ve been using this not just for leaves but to also blow off the lawn after scarifying and clearing the patio. The adjustable power means it could be used to blow out the garage/shed space. I have another blower by a major cordless brand (it’s red) and this Ego unit is a lot more powerful.

    Steve Q
  • Best cordless leaf blower on the market :)

    Outstanding bit of kit. Fantastic at doing the task in hand. The Turbo boost function is particularly useful.

    Dan A


    Tackle all areas, from the delicate, to the tricky and wet
    01 / 06
  • Large Blower Tube
    Greater diameter delivers maximum airflow
    02 / 06
  • Variable Speed Control
    Adjust between 440m3/h and 675m3/h
    03 / 06
  • Turbo Boost Mode
    For a 900m3/h petrol-blower beating output
    04 / 06
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
    Delivers more power and greater run time
    05 / 06
  • Turbine Fan Engineering
    Utilises advanced aeronautics technology
    06 / 06

Backpack Blower

  • Make it ergonomic for ultimate productivity
    The most comfortable way to enjoy EGO's industry-leading power.
    01 / 09
  • Comfortable and sturdy backpack frame
    For comfort during long periods of use
    02 / 09
  • Adjustable Handle
    For greater reach, control and comfort
    03 / 09
  • Power Setting Switch
    For efficient power management
    04 / 09
  • Variable Speed Trigger
    For precise blowing
    05 / 09
  • Variable Length Tube
    For greater comfort and control
    06 / 09
  • Flexible Bellows Tube
    Gives greater flexibility and comfort whilst using
    07 / 09
  • High Powered Brushless Motor
    Delivers high air volume and speed
    08 / 09
  • Battery Compatibility
    Compatible with all EGO batteries
    09 / 09
  • Variable speed
    For precise blowing.
    (Selected models only)
  • Turbo boost mode
    Extra power for those
    hard to move objects.
    (Selected models only)
  • Jet turbine technology
    With large diameter tube to give maximum airflow