Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Multi-Tool
Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Multi-Tool
EGO Power+ Multi-Tool & Telescopic Pole System
One tool
lots of options

With a single power head unit and many different attachments, the EGO Power+ multi-tool is ready for any job. Plus, simple, tool-free coupling makes switching attachments quick and easy. Additionally, EGO’s telescopic pole has a tool-free interchangeable head system which can be set up to work with either the pruning saw or hedge trimmer attachment in just a few seconds.

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.

  1. Simple and Secure Coupling Mechanism

    Makes switching attachments quick and easy

  2. Solid Steel Drive Shaft

    Robust and very strong

  3. Variable Speed Trigger

    With safety lock-off

  4. Powerful Rear Mounted Motor

    Provides the power for all EGO Power+ attachments

  5. Two-Speed Range Selector

    Works with the variable speed trigger to select the correct speed for each task

  6. Adjustable Loop Handle

    For comfortable use

  • Excellent power for all attachments, solid build

    It's quiet, powerful enough, not too heavy. The attachments slide in and lock with such ease. I was expecting a bit more of a struggle adding attachments, but I was dead wrong. Storage of it is nice, since it is about half the size of a string trimmer (without an attachment attached), it can be stored anywhere.

  • Just a monster!

    I have a very large tree/shrub in my front yard that had gotten out of control. My piddly little Black & Decker corded electric trimmer wasn't up to the task, with it's short blade. The EGO Power + Hedge Trimmer and it's extra long blade allowed me to get to the top and middle of the monstrous shrub/tree/thing and now it looks more like Elmo, rather than Oscar.