EGO is a business built on innovation. Part of an international manufacturing business established in 1993, we’ve pushed the boundaries of cordless technology from the very first days. Today we’re one of the world’s biggest tool manufacturers, producing over 10 million units each year, selling in 65 countries worldwide.


The world is changing, fast. Our whole society is moving away from fossil fuels and adopting cleaner, greener energy. It’s why we believe it’s time for a new, smarter way to power through gardening and landscaping tasks.

EGO Power+ delivers petrol-matching power, just without the noise, fuss or fumes. EGO’s industry-leading Arc Lithium 56v battery technology delivers a new level of performance, giving you the dependable power you need to keep working hard until the job’s done.

Comfortable to use, with impressive run times and fast recharge it offers the ultimate in convenience. There are no trips to the petrol station for fuel and no more storing highly flammable liquids.

Ego Arc Lithium Delivers
The Industry's Highest Energy Capacity

Our unique patented Arc Lithium technology is designed like no other battery. It's why it performs like no other battery.

Designed from the ground up to deliver petrol-matching performance, the EGO Power+ Arc Lithium 56v battery has an innovative design to maximise battery cooling. Unlike conventional brick shaped batteries where the cells are packed together, overheat and shut down, our unique Arc design dissipates heat more effectively.

  • Keep Cool™ technology

    It's not just the innovative Arc design that helps prevent overheating. Each cell is surrounded by our unique Keep Cool™ material that absorbs heat energy and keeps cells at their optimum temperature for longer.
  • Intelligent power

    The EGO Power+ Arc Lithium 56v battery uses intelligent power management to constantly monitoring and optimising each individual cell, so you always get the very best power, performance and run time.
  • Exterior mounted battery

    Unlike other manufacturers, to stay cool our batteries fit onto the outside of our tools - not encased on the inside. They’re protected from dust and moisture by a resin coating and a shock and vibration absorbing case.
  • Fast recharge

    Not only does it deliver the industry's highest energy capacity in a portable handheld battery. It also means when it's time to recharge, the EGO Power+ Arc Lithium 56v battery is the quickest around.
  • Real flexibility

    The same Arc Lithium battery fits every tool in the EGO Power+ range. Just click in the battery and you’re ready to go.
  • Peace of mind

    All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries. The warranty for commercial users is 12 months.
Kinder to your
hands, ears, wallet

and the environment

The EGO Power+ system delivers petrol-matching power but without any of the downsides.
It’s simpler, cleaner, quieter and with less vibration is more comfortable to use.

With lower running and maintenance costs, switching to EGO Power+ will lead to long term savings. Plus, with zero emissions during use, you can do your bit to reduce your impact on the environment too.

Cost per charge*
Cost per litre**
EGO Power+
Using 2 stroke mix
Using 2 stroke
premium mix
EGO Power+
Using 2 stroke mix
Using 2 stroke
premium mix
Cost per day
Cost per month
Cost per year

*Cost of charging according to kW pricing in UK. **Cost of petrol mix based on published UK pricing. †Petrol equivalent of 3 litres per day.

Less Vibration, Less Noise,
More User Friendly

Those who regularly use handheld power tools may be at risk of Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) syndrome. Also known as ‘Vibration White Finger’ it causes painful and disabling disorders of the blood vessels, nerves and joints. However, HAV syndrome is preventable. One way it can be avoided is by choosing tools that vibrate less than traditional petrol-powered products - like the tools in the EGO Power+ range.

Designed so you can work comfortably all day long

With a smooth electric motor and less moving parts, the EGO Power+ mower, blower, hedge trimmer, line trimmer, brush cutter, chain saw and multi-tool have been designed to operate with low levels of vibration, often under the 2.5m/s2 Exposure Action Value limit (EAV) and well below the Exposure Limit Value (ELV).

They are much quieter too

The EGO Power+ range is much quieter than petrol-powered alternatives which will reduce the risk of potential damage, especially over long-term use.

Zero emissions
during use

Our Arc Lithium battery gives petrol-matching power but without the fuss and fumes

Less noise and
less vibration

EGO Power+ tools often operate at lower noise and vibration levels than traditional petrol-powered tools

The power to
outperform petrol
Easy set up
and starting

No filling up with fuel; with EGO Power+ just click in the battery and get to work

Lower running

The cost of running an EGO Power+ product for a month is around the same as using a 2 stroke product for a dayˆ

Save time

No more trips to the petrol station. No time-consuming servicing and maintenance to slow you down

No petrol
to store

Instead, EGO’s rapid charger refuels batteries in as little as 25 minutes – less than the run time you get from a full charge

Fold flat, easy
store design

Unlike large heavy petrol mowers, the EGO Power+ mower’s fold flat design makes storage and cleaning simple

  • Battery power finally competes with petrol

    Wanted a battery mower with same power as my now defunct petrol mower, This certainly fits the bill. Very happy so far with performance

  • Great power

    Great Tools. Good as petrol power without the mess

  • Kiss goodbye to petrol

    Easy to use, charges battery as advertised. LED progress lights helpful

    Roger in Cambridge
  • The future!

    Great piece of kit. So quiet in comparison to petrol and so simple to use.

    Chris W
  • Impressed

    I’m very impressed with these tools, better than I expected and glad I made the choice. Highly recommended.