Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Mowers
Ego Power Plus - Ego Power+ Mowers

EGO Power+ Mowers

Tackle any size lawn with less noise, lower running and service
costs and zero emissions with the EGO Power+ mower range.


Looking for your manual but can't find your tool? Visit our Manuals & Safety Sheets page.


All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.

EGO Power+ Mowers

Cuts like a petrol mower. Just cuts out the petrol. Discover our significantly quieter, zero emission mowers which offer you lower service costs and a variety of large cutting capacities.

  • Easy to use

    A joy to start after a traditional petrol mower. Very well thought through machine, the blade and propulsion being independent make the mower very easy to use and it only took a couple of cuts to get used to it.

  • Brilliant Mower

    Well constructed, does a brilliant job. Very easy to manoeuvre.. Battery lasts longer than you would expect

    William G
  • Get one.

    Waited a few months for this to arrive on the U.K. market. Used it for the first time today on wet and long grass. Not disappointed. It worked well.

  • Battery power is the FUTURE

    This machine is well engineered and performs well. Provides a very nice cut and is easy to use.

    Battery is powerful, did my entire lawn,1/3 rd of an acre which includes flowers beds, etc. without stopping for a charge.

    James S
  • EGO Mower

    I am really pleased with it, much easier to use and control than my heavy petrol mower.

    The battery also charges much faster than expected

    Ian S
  • Outstanding performance and ergonomics

    I was sceptical that a battery powered mower would even compete with, never mind beat, a petrol (gas) mower for ease of use, speed and cutting. This product is superb. Very quiet and no gas fumes. Cuts very, very well.

    Whuppity Scourie
  • EGO mower. The best

    I looked at all types of mowers but the EGO came out on top every time for me .easy to use for all my family.

  1. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Motor

    Cut at a speed that suits you

  2. Push Button Start

    Power up in seconds

  3. Quick Release Telescopic Handle
  4. Large Capacity Bag

    Collects more grass and requires emptying less frequently

  5. High Torque, High-Efficiency Motor

    For greater comfort and control

  6. Large DIameter Wheels

    For easy motion

  7. 6-Position Spring Loaded Deck Height Adjustment

    Set heights from 28-94mm

  8. LED Headlights

    Work further into the day

  • Variable speed

    The self-propelled motor keeps you in control as you cut.
    (Selected models only)

  • 3-in-1 functionality

    Cut, bag or drop clippings
    - it's up to you.

  • Folds flat

    The easy-fold design makes cleaning and storage simple.