EGO Power+ Hedge Trimmers

Light, powerful and with all the power you need, our range of hedge trimmers have a number of clever features to make every cut more comfortable

Our range of cordless hedge trimmers

EGO cordless hedge trimmers are engineered to deliver impressive cutting ability from a single charge. Alongside robust safety features, the clean power of the ARC 56V battery and the brushless motor get the job done with less noise and vibration, and zero emissions


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EGO Power+ Extended Warranty

All EGO Power+ products come with a domestic user 5 year warranty on tools and 3 year warranty on batteries.

EGO Power+ Hedge Trimmer

Balanced, precise, powerful. With diamond ground laser cut blades, a single charge delivers impressive run times that you'll be amazed how much hedge you can cut. 

  • Hedge Trimmer

    This is a great hedge trimmer and the battery supplied with it lasted all day using it on and off throughout the day…the best hedge trimmer I have ever used..

    Mrs Moran
  • EGO Hedge Trimmer

    Powerful light and fume free what more could you ask!

  • The hedge trimmer works exactly as expected.

    The fundamental point is that it functions exactly as expected. I trialled it on a really dense privet hedge to lower it at about a metre width. (I knew nesting is about to get serious so I only took off the top 6 inches) The hedge was trimmed last December with a Cordless Bosch and it would not cut into the denser wood. The EGO got me another 6 inches into the denser growth easily. I would have gone further if the nesting season was more distant. So, very pleased. It’s not too heavy and is easy to control.

    Retired Greyhound
  • Best hedgetrimmer you'll ever buy

    Having used Stihl petrol trimmers I had read much about the Ego hedge trimmer with 56v power and it certainly doesn't disappoint ! Powerful, light, incredibly sharp and cheap to run/maintain. I've used the trimmer commercially over the last 6 months and its handled many types and sizes of hedge with ease.

    Paul R
  • Green is the new Orange

    Quality equipment for a much lower price than the orange competition. You will definitely need a couple of batteries to tackle large hedges but the power and performance of the machine is excellent.

  • Garden has never looked so good

    I relied on my gardener with his heavy, smelly petrol hedge cutter to shape shrubs and hedges in my garden until I bought the Ego trimmer. Now I just go around trimming things exactly the way I slices through everything with ease. It’s very powerful and the long reach allows me to make perfectly level sides and tops. Even with the 2.5A battery, it lasts long enough to get the jobs done...and I have a big garden. 10/10



    Ability to tackle any sized hedge
    01 / 09
  • Laser Cut, Diamond Ground, Double-sided Cutting Blades
    Cleaner, more precise cutting
    02 / 09
  • Dual Action Blades
    For less vibration when cutting
    03 / 09
  • Electric Safety Brake
    Stops blade when trigger is released
    04 / 09
  • Robust metal alloy brushless motor housing and gearbox
    05 / 09
  • Two-speed Selector
    Select the correct speed for each trimming task
    06 / 09
  • Rotating Rear Handle
    For more comfort and control in use
    07 / 09
  • Large Cutting Capacity
    For tackling thicker hedges and large branches
    08 / 09
  • Blade Tip Protector
    Prevents blades becoming damaged by fences and walls
    09 / 09
  • Enhanced user comfort
    Thanks to the rotating handle and dual trigger system
  • Efficient and robust
    Gives you all the power you need, without the vibration, fumes or noise of a petrol engine.
  • Diamond ground laser cut blades
    For precise, clean cuts, time after time.